Today, Apple unveiled its new iPods (shuffle, nano, classic, touch) and, as expected, a brand new itunes with some new shiny functions.

The list of new functions is promising and features:

  • grid view: a whole new way of interacting and seeing your albums, providing easy access to all of them through thumbnails of their album covers;
  • new visualizer: great aesthetic change;
  • genius playlist and sidebar: after creating a new itunes account, itunes should get the ability to analyze your tunes and group them together, providing playlists of musics that “go great together”;

So, what’s the catch?
First of all, it is the SLOWEST itunes ever.

By the time I installed it, I jumped to see the grid view. It sure is awesome as it is pretty great to browse through your albums seeing all of its covers in a way that is much more practical than coverflow. The problem is that it takes time to load. My library only has one album and it is taking like 1 sec to open it…

I plugged my iPod and accessed the summary page (by clicking on the iPod name on the left side bar). It took an astounding 5 seconds to load. Not satisfied, I started clicking on the tabs (music, movies, tv shows, etc) and each one of them took 1 second to load.
I found out that, as always, coverflow was not available for inside iPod music browsing, as the new grid view isn’t too.

The genius options requires an itunes account, which I don’t have and didn’t create. What’s the point of needing an itunes account to search your own library for music “related” to the one you are listening? I get that the itunes account shouldn’t even be needed for the cases in which the software searches for related songs on the itunes store. The account should ONLY be needed when you try to buy something.

I have noticed in previous versions that itunes was a LOT slower in windows, but this time Apple did surprise me…

Last but not least, there have been a lot of users complaining about “blue screens of death” when they plug their iPods and iPhones (according to Gizmodo).

For all that reasons, I’ll be waiting for the 8.1 which I believe might be a little bit faster and a little less bugged.


Nota: Como o wordpress não permite adicionar vídeos do Vimeo, o link do vídeo é o seguinte: Sigg Jones

Passeando pelo Abduzeedo encontrei o vídeo do Sigg Jones:

Quando o campeão peso pesado Sigg Jones bebe um estranho energético, ele perde controle de si mesmo e de toda a sua parte boa. Seu agente terá que corrigi-lo…

Sigg Jones é o nome de um curta feito em 3D Studio Max por três estudantes da Escola Supinfocom na França.

O clímax do filme se dá numa seqüência de luta sensacional. O estilo e a modelagem são extraordinários.

Extraído de Abduzeedo

Eu achei que o estilo de modelagem parece muito com o do novo filme de Star Wars.

english version

As it seems, Brazillian Digital TV System is doing well.

This week, the SET (Television Engineering Brazilian Society) is hosting a meeting in São Paulo and many manufacturers and development groups are showing off their products.

As Cristina Diluca says, some of these groups (MOPA Embedded Systems and TQTVD) have already installed its system on Set-top boxes which rendered them able to decode and display applications downloaded over the air.

The guys at MOPA are also, the most advanced team on integrating cellphones with set-top boxes, using them as a return channel for it. Besides that, they are using Wiimotes! Two games have been developed and are installed on MOPA Set-top Boxes.

portuguese version

Ao que parece, o Sistema Brasileiro de TV Digital vai muito bem.

Essa semana, o SET (Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão) organizou uma conferência em São Paulo e muitos fabricantes estão presentes e mostrando seus produtos.

Como dito por Cristina Diluca, alguns fabricantes (MOPA Embedded Systems e TQTVD), já tem Set-top Boxes com seu sistema capazes de decodificar e apresentar aplicações interativas que são baixadas juntamente com o fluxo de vídeo.

A MOPA são também os mais avançados em integrar os celulares com os STBs, usando-os como canal de retorno. Além disso, eles estão usando os controles do Wii em aplicações! Como Cristina Diluca cita, dois jogos foram desenvolvidos e estão instalados nos STBs MOPA.

Last week links

I’ve noticed that on most blogs, writers tend to share what they’ve been reading with their readers, that way, I decided to do the same. Interesting stuff floating on the web:

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Ubuntu Artwork Team

As always, today I was reading the news on Google Reader and came by a nice post from CyberNet News regarding (again) the Intrepid Ibex Dark Theme.

So, quick roundup:

  • Intrepid Ibex new theme is dark
  • 63.88% of everyone who voted on this poll at Ubuntu Forums doesn’t like it
  • It sucks

Now, for the record, neon who is a great contributor for the Ubuntu Development (precisely, the 312th best idea contributor), said:

How many times do we have to remind people, the dark theme was only for testing purposes; in fact, for default it’s been switched back to the light version.

And, Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical‘s founder said:

I think the great task in front of us in the next two years is to lift the experience of the Linux desktop from something stable and usable and not pretty, to something that’s art

This is how all that stuff adds up:

WillWill’s Ubuntu Mockup

That’s just a mockup, but it surely is GREAT!

I don’t know if that GDM is possible, as the GDM is edited through an XML file and I don’t know whether or not one can customize the selector for it to look like that yellow bar. I believe the whole rest may be achieved through a GTK Theme.

I’d only remove the Avant Window Navigator and set the Gnome Do as the default.

I do hope this theme gets official on one of the future Ubuntu releases.

DanRabbit just implemented some of the GDM Screen. It isn’t like the original yet, but he did an amazing job in there.

I’ve been studying photoshop and its many powers for a while now and yesterday, I decided to test what I learned. The result is the following wallpaper.

After yesterday’s post about Ubuntu 8.10a1 and its screenshots, I decided to take a look at some of the new stuff being developed by the guys who are trying to put it together.

For my surprise, I found out they have a wiki where everyone can see and comment on a lot of new features. There are lots of teams:

The Platform Team cares for a variety of critical components needed for building and running the Ubuntu platform
The Desktop Team handles all of the packages which go into the Ubuntu desktop installation
The Installer Team looks after the Ubuntu installer
The Kernel Team is tasked with maintaining the Linux kernel in Ubuntu

and more.

But one caught my attention: the Artwork Team. On its ongoing branch (the Intrepid Ibex), they post everything associated with the look and feel of the new upcoming version, including wallpapers and themes.

Looking around, I managed to find lots of nice stuff, like some new wallpapers made by Ashton and a very nice theme called Emerald Theme.

I even decided to try out and create a Intrepid Ibex wallpaper myself!