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I’ve been studying photoshop and its many powers for a while now and yesterday, I decided to test what I learned. The result is the following wallpaper.


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After yesterday’s post about Ubuntu 8.10a1 and its screenshots, I decided to take a look at some of the new stuff being developed by the guys who are trying to put it together.

For my surprise, I found out they have a wiki where everyone can see and comment on a lot of new features. There are lots of teams:

The Platform Team cares for a variety of critical components needed for building and running the Ubuntu platform
The Desktop Team handles all of the packages which go into the Ubuntu desktop installation
The Installer Team looks after the Ubuntu installer
The Kernel Team is tasked with maintaining the Linux kernel in Ubuntu

and more.

But one caught my attention: the Artwork Team. On its ongoing branch (the Intrepid Ibex), they post everything associated with the look and feel of the new upcoming version, including wallpapers and themes.

Looking around, I managed to find lots of nice stuff, like some new wallpapers made by Ashton and a very nice theme called Emerald Theme.

I even decided to try out and create a Intrepid Ibex wallpaper myself!

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